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Hollywood Goes to War and Hitler to Hiroshima

From Hollywood Home Entertainment

THE INSANITY OF WORLD WAR 1 is the dramatic story of the nightmare that engulfed the entire world. This incredible 4-­‐hour mini-­‐series tells the untold stories, unbelievable facts and unimaginable horrors of the men and women who lived, suffered and died serving their countries.  
In a single moment, two gunshots ignited a powder keg that triggered the most insane war in human history. This violent upheaval would last four agonizing years. 37 million casualties. 11 million dead. The First World War tore a gaping wound in the collective consciousness of humanity. 
This is World War 1 like its never been presented before. Did You know: 

  • 100’s of attacking wolves forced German and Russian troops into a
    ​ cease-­‐fire in order to hunt and destroy the killer wolf pack. 

  • 60,000 soldiers on the Italian front were killed by avalanches. 

  • Allied ace Raoul Lufbery fell from a burning plane into a garden, got up, walked about 10 feet, then fell dead on his face. 

  • Sgt. Stubby, a highly decorated combat war hero, was a bulldog.  

  • Overexposure to TNT caused 100’s of women munitions workers’ skin to turn bright yellow, owing to their nickname – the Canaries. 

  • Hitler’s iconic mustache got its start in the trenches of World War 1. 

The First World War was filled with the unusual, the bizarre and the fantastic. The INSANITY OF WORLD WAR 1 will tell the stories that are guaranteed to capture the imagination of audiences world wide. 

The Absurd Reality of a World Gone Mad

The Insanity of World War 1